About ONE20

Value is King


Once upon a time

ONE20 was founded by Thomas Nicholls on the 1st of January 2021, with the goal to provide startup marketing experience as a service.

As a CMO, Thomas has often struggled to find the right mix of hiring and calling on agencies.

Nothing beats having a great team, but the people you hire are not necessarily the best people for any marketing challenge and seeing that a startup's challenges change daily, it's difficult to have the right people throughout your journey.

And agencies are often either too big or too small, or they just sell textbook marketing without any relevant experience.

Engagement model

ONE20 only engages with startups when we're confident that we can add value and we would pay for it ourselves if we were in your shoes. We will NEVER waste time and resources for startups.

We offer fractional CMO services as well as project-based services. There is no standard catalogue, the engagement model will depend on what's right for you.

Contact us for an honest opinion about if and how we could collaborate.